Terms of Payment:

A. The customer is required to settle the total cost of the product in the following stages:

  • 20% upon placing the order.
  • 45% upon scheduling the installation date.
  • The remaining 35% must be paid two weeks (14 days) before the installation date.

B. For each payment made, the customer will receive a payment voucher from the company.

C. The company reserves the right to adjust the installation date if the customer delays payment of the third installment.


A. The product will adhere strictly to the design and specifications provided by the customer. Any changes, modifications, or additions will necessitate an additional payment beyond the total product cost. Please note that our products do not include a wooden background or base, but these can be added upon request for an additional fee based on measurements and design.

B. The customer must review, understand, and agree to the details outlined in the design provided by our sales engineer. This includes approving the type and color of wood, accessories, components, and supplies indicated in the design. By signing off on the design, the customer acknowledges fulfillment of their requirements and authorizes the start of manufacturing.

C. The customer is responsible for ensuring the installation site is prepared and ready. Any delays resulting from unpreparedness will be the customer’s responsibility, and any additional expenses incurred by the company will be reimbursed by the customer. The installation site must be dry, dust-free, and accessible to workers. Electrical supplies for lighting and equipment operation must be available, and the location of electrical connections and water pipes must be provided to prevent damage.

D. If the customer wishes to change the installation date, they must notify the company at least fifteen days in advance. Both the company and the customer have specific obligations during the installation process. If the company arrives for installation and rescheduling occurs due to site unavailability, inability to enter the site, or lack of electrical supply, the customer will be fined AED 500. If either party causes rescheduling, the responsible party will be fined AED 250 per day of delay.

E. The installation process includes securing closets with metal strip holders screwed into walls and floors. If the customer wishes to relocate or cancel the contract, the company is not responsible for any resulting damage from dismantling the closets.

Warranty, Modifications & Refund:

A. Our commitment extends to a generous 25-year warranty on all our products, starting from the date of installation.

B- Please note that certain items are excluded from this warranty coverage, including glass, mirrors, leather, cloth, electrical work, marble, basins, and any damages resulting from accidents, misuse, or exposure to extreme weather conditions such as high temperature, humidity, or water leakage.

C- Additionally, the warranty for lighting fixtures is valid for a period of one year from the date of installation.

D- While we strive to ensure customer satisfaction, it’s important to understand that maintenance, changes, or returns during the warranty period may be subject to the availability of materials at the time. This means that we cannot always guarantee an exact match to the original materials used during installation.

E- Should you require disassembly, transfer, or reinstallation of our products in the same location during the warranty period, please be aware that this service will be provided at an additional cost. This cost is calculated as 15% of the contract value, with a minimum charge of AED 2,500.

F- Similarly, if you need to relocate our products to a different location during the warranty period, there will be an additional charge equivalent to 25% of the contract value, with a minimum fee of AED 2,500.

G. Should you wish to make changes or modifications to our products after the warranty period has expired, we will be happy to provide you with a new quotation. This will be based on an evaluation of the condition of the products and may include additional costs for dismantling, transportation, or installation.

H- It’s important to note that if our products are removed from their original location by a third party, we cannot be held responsible for reinstalling them, and the warranty will be void.

I- If you decide to modify the design of the product either before or after installation by canceling certain parts, please be aware that we will deduct 30% of the canceled part from any refund issued.

J- Similarly, if you request modifications to the product post-installation, this will incur additional costs, and a new quotation will be provided based on the modified design.

K- We reserve the right to accept or refuse partial installation based on our assessment of the situation.

L- In the event that you wish to cancel the contract after signing, we will refund the amount paid, minus a 5% deduction from the contract value.

M- If you cancel the contract after setting an installation date, the refund will be subject to a deduction of 15% of the contract value if the product has not yet been manufactured, or 30% of the contract value if the product has already been manufactured.

N- After installation, should you decide to cancel the contract, we will retain 50% of the contract value for the refund. Additionally, if glass or mirror panels were purchased specifically for your contract and cannot be used for other contracts, the value of these panels will be deducted from the refund amount.

O- Please note that any refunds will be processed under the contracted registered name only.

P- Lastly, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the product within 7 days of installation, you may request a refund, provided the product is undamaged and returned in its original condition. However, please be aware that outsourced materials costs, such as mirrors or sliding doors, will not be included in the refund.


The first maintenance check is complimentary and provided at no charge. Any subsequent maintenance visits will be subject to a fee of AED 200 – per visit.